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Hecterra is a tracking management system specific to the agricultural industry. It allows farm owners to gather real-time data related to their crops and fields and share it with decision-makers to make the most of the resources they have. GPS trackers assist in defining geofences around certain field areas, filling up crops, assessing the harvests and cultivations, and converting collected data into insightful reports for strategizing.
FleetRun is a web-based solution that offers tools to plan, control and manage maintenance and services for the fleet. Automated scheduling of maintenance with timely reminders ensures the upkeep of vehicles and assets that save the businesses from long-term damages. The solution keeps the information about what is needed by each unit in the fleet.
NimBus is a passenger transportation fleet management software that enables the planning of routes for each vehicle, ensures schedule compliance, follows individual vehicles, alerts managers of events during the journey, and translates the data into comprehensive reports. Obtain real-time data for scheduling, managing, and controlling fleets.
Tacho Manager is an advanced management system that facilitates the upload, storage, and retrieval of detailed profiles of drivers, their performance, and working hours. To peruse the information for any critical decisions, business persons with authorized access can access the data on the server.
Track Player provides you with a tracking system to follow more than one vehicle or asset simultaneously. More features include the ability to replay individual trips, manage routes, and capture as well as see photos taken during a particular trip.
This application allows you to manage the entire process of order delivery from start to finish. With Logistics, you can automate the processes with the tip of your fingers from the robust mobile (for drivers) and web (for dispatchers) application. Control transport processes and reduce costs with optimized routes and fuel monitoring.
iDriveSafe is a software application that compiles performance reports related to the driving quality of drivers in a fleet, based on numerous parameters. With this information, you can get a top-level as well as in-depth view of the business to see what areas require attention.
Eco-Driving is an intelligent and efficient solution to evaluate the performance of drivers to gauge driving quality. Information collected includes driving habits, vehicle handling, fuel consumption, and average and maximum speed. Conducting an analysis of these points can boost driver safety, make the fleet more efficient, and save up on fuel expenditures.
Tacho View focuses on the visualization of driver activity, presented to the user as a timeline of events, collected and timestamped. Certain criteria are defined based on which the tachograph files are processed and analyzed. The analysis results are then provided to the user in printable copy.
A dashboard is a tool for data visualization for overseeing KPIs such as engine health, fuel consumption, average and maximum speed, and trip duration. The application facilitates the concerned personnel to produce charts that compare current and past data for trends or insights.
With Actualizer, you can separate inactive vehicles that have not been utilized for a long time from active vehicles that need upkeep and maintenance. Costs can be saved and resources can be redirected to the active vehicles.
Sensolator oversees each sensor and counter attached to a tracker and sets up a visualization of all of their values. These values can be viewed as reports and customized reports that assist in extracting failed equipment.