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Unitracker supports the healthcare sector with state of the art GPS tracking on and off the premises. We have a complete range of advanced vehicle trackers that have special sensors incorporated within them. These sensors constantly feed you the data  that you require to improve your patient care and run your medical operations smoothly. Thanks to our real-time vehicle tracking for the healthcare sector, you will be able to monitor your vehicles and drivers 24/7 from a central location. 

GPS Tracking for Medical Emergencies 

Your ER is always busy with new patients coming in critical condition, which demands your full attention is leaving no room for error. Owing to Unitracker Lives superior list of functions you will be able to keep an eye on ambulances arriving at and leaving the premises at any minute. Since you know exactly when a patient will reach you through our GPS trackers, it makes preparation more convenient. This allows you to provide excellent treatment to your emergency cases.

'Unitracker - Providing peace of mind through track, trace and protect.'


'We only offer the highest product quality and most definitely aim to exceed your expectations'

Our Promises

How we conduct as a business is just as important as what we do, our core values are the principles that guide us daily in helping our customers achieve prosperity and peace of mind using our Unitracker Vehicle Solutions tracking systems. From start to finish we have you and your vehicles covered for ultimate peace of mind.

We strive to distinguish Unitracker Vehicles Solutions as an admired international vehicle tracking system products supplier and trusted brand that is differentiated by top talent, innovative solutions for all business sectors with a fleet or asset tracking requirement

Our Vision

We want to be able to help businesses with their vehicle tracking needs by adopting our distinctive competence strategy to supply differentiated, durable features and research-based technology which fulfil ultimate needs for every business sector that has a fleet of vehicles or assets that need to monitored.

We provide advanced vehicle and asset trackers for motorbikes, cars, trucks, HGV, vans, buses, coaches, refrigerated vans, plants and machinery, caravans, quad bikes, trailers, motorhomes, catering vehicles, horseboxes, farm assets and more!