Thatcham Approved

Unitracker aims to serve only the best of our products to our esteemed customers. To do so, we perform a number of tests to corroborate the maximum compliance to industry standards. The Unitracker is completely developed within the United Kingdom and has attained the Thatcham category 5 certification that testifies to its industry-level competency. With Unitracker, you can get the most of your money by ensuring the protection of your assets and people involved with the business as well as bystranders. Use the Unitracker system to make your company more resource-efficient and productive while making smart decisions.

Insurance Approved

Thatcham certified Unitracker can allow customer companies to gain advantage of reduced insurance premiums. The UK-based insurance organizations require products to meet certain, well-defined criteria that Unitracker boasts of achieving, which sets the quality of the product apart from others.

Thatcham Approved Unitracker Benefits

View your fleet operations remotely with 24/7 live feed

Collect and monitor telematics for each unit of your fleet from any location in the world. With GPS facility and telematics delivered to you over a cellular network, you never have to worry about the location and status of your vehicles. Unitracker makes the process more transparent to improve decision-making.

Manage your business from the robust but user-friendly application

Supervise your entire fleet from the flexible web or mobile application. Unitracker detects any unusual circumstances immediately so managers can deal with them in a timely manner.

Lock out unauthorized users

Issue driver identification and use the mandatory ID system to activate vehicles, using Unitracker to strengthen the security and integrity of the assets. Receive notifications in attempts of unauthorized access or theft.

Visualization tools for summarized reports

Telematics recorded by Unitracker system is presented as a summarized account for managers as they cannot go through millions of datasets. Instead, they can take decisions based on trends and patterns mined by the Unitracker’s intelligent reporting system.

Prevent theft or recover your vehicle or asset

A number of sensors are embedded into the Unitracker system that can aid the fleet managers in securing their vehicle in theft attempts like remote immobilization. Recover the vehicle or asset by giving the local authorities the precise location.

Get notified of suspicious activity

The integrated Unitracker system prompt alerts fleet managers of any potentially adverse situations like tampering, collisions, unauthorized access and more so the asset or vehicle can be secured in time to stave off losses.

“Protect your vehicle with award-winning security systems from Unitracker Vehicle Tracking Solutions Ltd.”

We can supply and fit a wide range of tracking systems for both private and fleet businesses:
Unitracker Vehicle Tracking Solutions Ltd has created innovative tracking solutions for nearly every industry and market, our years of experience provides us with a unique perspective on our client’s requirements and on how to design and manufacture high quality tracking systems at the most competitive price.
Regardless of your industry or vehicles, we take great pride in finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your company, below are some of the industries we have served: