Unitracker LIVE GPS Tracking

With Unitracker LIVE, you can have an entire host of tools that will help you manage your fleet and business assets, provide safety and security to your drivers, spare your costs and enhance your efficiency in managing businesses with the use of advanced and sophisticated tools. The software tracks the location of all your vehicles, which lets you adjust quickly to any necessary changes and make sharp and well-versed decisions. With only a single click, all control is in your hands. It also supports the hardware of all vehicles, machinery and stationary assets, so that it’s easy for you to find the correct tracking device for any of your projects. Additionally, Unitracker Live provides you with the equipment to monitor temperature, weight and angle as well as dozens of other monitoring parameters for multi-faceted analytics, such as your vehicle tracking data, the distance travelled, the fuel usage, and the identification of your most competent drivers. It allows you to keep an eye on your employees’ progress throughout their assignments and the driver’s behaviour and safety, ensuring the prevention of any dangerous predicaments.
Across the world, hundreds of companies utilize the features offered by our software packages, ranging from pizza delivery and taxi services to oil companies. We satisfy our customers’ needs with a solution that is a combination of several business applications, making it universally specific to every client’s needs. There is no restriction on the vehicle tracking software no matter which country you are in and the quality of our program remains as unwavering as it is in the United Kingdom. Regardless of where you are, you will enjoy the full extent of our top-notch technology.

Unitracker LIVE Key Features

This Cloud-based platform has been designed to maximize your vehicle’s safety no matter the distance between you and your car. Owing to its superior development, you may access your account from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. Enjoy the seamless performance of the Unitracker Live mobile application that is available for Android and iOS smartphones around the world.
You can access the system from anywhere.
The operating system does not matter, whether you use MacOS, Linux or Windows, launch a browser to start tracking.
Use your smart devices: We offer a native mobile app to start tracking on a smartphone or tablet.
You will be able to check the status of your vehicle through sensors and pinpoint its precise location.
Track events by SMS and email:
Notification describes in detail what is happening with your assets.

Easy to use

It has never been easier to step forward into the fleet management business. Forget complex tools and techniques to personalize your device, we promise you a user-friendly experience.


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