Plant Machinery

Companies with plant and machinery equipment use an array of heavy and expensive machinery. Managers in the industry work can attach the Unitracker kit to these machines to keep an eye on their whereabouts by use of live location. Theft attempts can be minimized with geofencing and recovered with the precise location if theft occurs. Worker safety is always a concern as they are prone to hazardous situations due to the high-risk nature of construction work. Their safety can be reinforced with panic alerts in times of crisis or if unusual driving behavior is observed.


With Unitracker, you can have eyes all over the fleet and its routes with the latest camera equipment with 3g capabilities installed on the dash. The 3g technology establishes visual communication between the fleet and the managers who wish to access it at any given time to monitor the activities live. It is also a good measure to avert any chances of theft or false insurance claims.
Driver safety is a key consideration for Unitracker, which is why our tracking kit comes with crash sensors that are activated when collisions are detected. On activation of these sensors, the fleet managers are prompt notified of the incident and safety system is enabled to minimize injury to drivers.
Driver behavior is primitive for the driver and cargo protection, which is enforced through monitoring of patterns and habits observed during the driver’s working hours when en route. By collecting the minutest details like speed, engine idling, driving time, routes taken and summation of driving time among others, fleet managers can identify poor driving habits and attempt to correct them for better performance.
Authorization through identification system integrated in each vehicle using Unitracker strengthens the security of your fleet as each driver must scan their identification to activate the engine. With these ID cards, fleet managers are equipped with a robust system that is able to collect crucial data related to each driver’s performance like working hours, engine idling, driving behavior, personal and business mileage and more. This information can be used to reward good performances and rectify habits in poor performances.
Use the geofencing system in Unitracker to set up virtual zones that restricts the fleet vehicles to certain areas. Fleet managers are notified if the defined zones are breached or if a vehicle enters it. This is effective in route management, theft risk minimization and unauthorized usage prevention.
As fuel makes a major chunk of expenses in businesses, smart managers are aware that it must be dealt with to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Engine idling is underestimated as a cost contributor as drivers assume that returning to the vehicle in “just a minute” does not translate into much when the opposite is true. Managers can track drivers with high idling times and rectify these inefficient behaviors with proper measures.
With this feature, you can protect your assets or vehicles from getting compromised by remotely rendering your vehicle immobile so it is unable to be used by unauthorized persons. This can minimize your losses and assist you in recovering your vehicle if it gets stolen.
Follow your vehicle wherever it goes and keep a close eye’s watch on its movements with sophisticated motion sensors. Even if the vehicle has the ignition off, the sensors will pick up any movements and send alerts to your system about its location.
Set off SOS alerts to fleet managers in emergencies with a panic button installed discreetly in your vehicle and enhance driver safety. Receive alerts as notifications on your system, SMS or emails with each alert recorded as history for follow up, review or analysis.
GPS-embedded Unitracker transmits real-time location to the system to the accuracy of up to a minute. Never lose sight of your vehicle’s whereabouts, no matter how large your fleet is. Unitracker is capable of providing the precise live location of multiple vehicles on the road to ensure that they do not deviate from the set routes.
The incorporation of PTO makes Unitracker an energy-efficient system that enables the reuse of the power produced by the engine to run auxiliary equipment. With PTO, your vehicle can act as a power source for heavy machinery, especially required in industry settings, extending the functionality of the vehicle. Do more with little and increase the productivity of your business.
Tracking of mileage without driver identification allows the preservation of employee privacy while recording the performance of your business associated vehicle. It enables you to remain on top of your business while giving your employee the space for personal time. Disable location tracking for non-working hours while recording mileage. Distinguish personal and business mileage accurately, the latter that requisites compensation.
Real-time transmission of important data like location, temperature, driving hours, driving patterns, average or maximum speed and fuel consumption through satellite receivers. This telematics can be remotely downloaded to examine information about driving (tachograph) and get an overview of vehicle or driver performance, enabling the automation of the process. Improve decision-making with useful logistics data.
Records temperature inside the vehicle and transmits it to the system in real-time. This feature is advantageous when carrying temperature-sensitive cargo. Emits alerts and alarms if abrupt changes occur or if the temperature exceeds or drops a certain threshold that could potentially result in damages.
Plan and schedule maintenances for vehicles and assets periodically. Receive notifications when maintenance is due or on service completion. Collect and store maintenance information to be retrieved and presented as customized reports to acquire key insights to optimize your business operations.
Automated logging of mileage and details related to every trip taken such as miles travelled, arrival and departure time, fuel usage and routes traversed. Mileage logging is essential to businesses as it contributes to operational expenses and should be recorded accurately. Unitracker not only simplifies but automates the logging process and facilitates the generation of mileage reports for fair compensation and tax return completion.
Fuel sensors are installed in vehicle tanks to collect real-time fuel usage data for each vehicle and its journeys. Fleet managers can use this data to promote driver safety and make efficient decisions about cutting down fuel costs. Reduce fuel costs with Unitracker by taking more optimized routes for delivery. Analyse fuel consumption history for certain periods for discrepancies and variations that suggest theft or overconsumption.
Emits alerts on detection of alarms on various events such as breaching of virtual zones, temperature rising or dropping, unauthorized usage, deviation from the planned route, collision with objects or other vehicles and more.
Unitracker maintains continuous GPS connection with the target vehicles and assets with information live streaming over cellular networks for efficient performance with high availability. If the GPS is disconnected due to technical problems or deliberate sabotage attempts, the Unitracker application detects it immediately and notifies the business with alerts so it can be corrected to minimize loss.
Notify fleet managers about low battery or disconnection with the continuous monitoring of battery levels. Unitracker ensures the safekeeping of vehicle batteries by discouraging their theft with a disconnection detection mechanism.
The high-quality services of Unitracker demand 24/7 availability to keep the businesses profitable and stay connected to their vehicles on the road. If interference or disturbance with GPS or GSM is perceived such as in the case of jammers in proximity, Unitracker is equipped with jamming detection mechanism so fleet managers are notified promptly so measures are taken to reduce the likelihood of adverse activities.
The RFID card system is employed in Unitracker. These tags or cards hold driver details and profiles that are recorded in the system to be retrieved for any assessments or analysis. Tags or cards are used to authorize drivers to be able to drive the vehicles and protect them from any unauthorized access.
Untracker’s tracking equipment is consistently available to provide top-grade fleet tracking services and keep managers linked with the daily on-road activities. Detection mechanism in case of tracker or CPU disconnection such as in cases of theft or sabotage is immediately reported to the system for swift action.
View the essential information related to your trailers whenever you want, from wherever you want using Unitracker. The flexible, cloud-based application lets you take swift actions to mitigate risks and minimize losses as you receive live updates from the ground, directly to your screen. With the use of identification, protect your trailers from unauthorized access and misuse.
Overspeeding is a hazard, especially on a rough and unruly road. The Unitracker system detects the road texture and defines appropriate speed limits to reduce accident risks and protect the bystanders as well as the driver.