Unitracker’s leasing option allows you to split the cost into installments and pay it over a period of time at your convenience, instead of having to pay a large sum of money all at once. This option is particularly advantageous for small enterprises that are only just starting out in the world of industry as it allows you to make the best of our services without being heavily burdened by the cost.
Among other benefits of leasing include having apt technical services that will maintain your system, keep it up to date with the most recent technological resources, scale up the system alongside the expansion of your business, allow you to become a suitable candidate for tax concessions by including payments as business expense, and keeping a fixed price over the lifespan of the system.

Underwriting Criteria

To qualify for a lease:
To obtain a credit decision, you would need to provide the following information:

Governing Body

1. Contact number
2. Address
3. Contact name
4. Governing body name

Established Companies

1. Contact name
2. Contact number
3. Company name
4. Address
5. Company registration number

Trading Less Than 3 Years

1. Last 3 months' bank statement
2. Company registration number
3. Company name
4. Contact number
5. Address
6. Contact name
7. Director’s names, date of birth, and home address details with permission to search via a credit reference agency, as director’s guarantees may be required.

You will be contacted if any additional information is needed.

How soon can we arrange a leasing deal?

Once you have provided all the necessary details to our company, our leasing team will look over your information and get in touch with you for confirmation. This evaluation is likely to take up to [insert number of business days]. Please contact our team if you require any updates.
1. Acceptance may be subject to providing a director’s guarantee. Depending on time trading and the accounts filed, the acceptance may be subject to providing a director’s guarantee.
2. Credit acceptances are valid for 30 days.
3. Direct debit payments are acceptable only.
4. This condition does not apply to a governing body.
1. Equipment should be new.
2. Before the goods are installed, satisfactorily signed documentation are to be provided.
3. A documentation fee of £150 + vat is applicable and will be collected with the first payment.

At the end of the term, you will have the following options:
1. Upgrade the equipment. In this case, a new agreement will come into place.
2. Retain the equipment. For a one-off fee, you may retain the products indefinitely (the fee can be confirmed upon credit acceptance).
3. You will be subject to further ongoing subscriptions; this payment will be paid directly to Unitracker (Worldwide) Ltd for however long you will be using the products.

If you want any further details or have any questions to ask, please do visit our B2B website or contact our team to aid you further with any queries.