The Most Common FAQs
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions fleet tracker is a software that helps you manage your fleet. In this system, a tracking device is attached to a fleet to track its current geolocation. All the while, the system records the information of various aspects ranging from speed to fuel consumption in live-time and supplies an extensive report. With such an analysis in hand, fleet managers can make well-informed decisions for their business that enhances their growth and protects their assets. By using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), the software can pinpoint the exact location of the fleet via transmission of electronic signals to satellites, which then imparts the information back to a particular electronic device and can be seen on digital maps.
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions spares your wallet and speeds up your business. It also allows you to manage your fleet with far more ease, security and accuracy. All the important data about your fleet is gathered and supplied to you in the form of a comprehensive report including costs and business position, facilitating you to make sharper and better decisions. Furthermore, having such extensive and accurate information on delivery times, pickups and routing systems saves you from traffic and aids you in finding the best and quickest routes.
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions benefit a wide range of industries with our fleet management tracking services. These sectors include construction, corporate and government, courier and delivery, emergency services, healthcare services, local authority, mining, passenger transport, refrigerated transport, rental, transport and logistics and utilities. Our solutions are tailored to every business sector.
Unitracker Vehicle solution proffers you with methods to keep a close eye on your fleet and survey the ongoings and general state of your vehicles on the road, thereby protecting you from loss in profits, poor performances and regretful predicaments. Whether you are a small or big company, Unitracker resolves your troubles by allowing you full surveillance of your vehicles’ regular operations and the ability to check in on the progress of your workers, which can enhance productivity.

There are several reasons as to why Unitracker would be an extremely useful and worthwhile resource for your business, which include a decrease in fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and repair cost, the mileage and distance, staff overtime, admin time with reliable mileage and timesheets, private use, wasted journeys, vehicle insurance cost and an increase in efficient routing.

Additionally, Unitrackers helps in fostering productivity. It lets you check closet job allocations, reroutes drivers who get lost on the road, sends notifications for predetermined events, improves vehicle utilization, generates movement, events and trips. More benefits include vehicle speed checks, getting actionable insights into fleet performance and alerts when vehicles enter and leave defined zones. It defines and manages locations, stops and zones. It Improves driving styles with analysis reports, provides real-time ETA’s, track deliveries and monitor trips for improved productivity, keeps vehicles safe from theft and damage and makes sure drivers are safe and secure. It identifies and manages drivers and supplies accurate customer billing.
Unitracker tracking device resides inside the vehicle, providing information via transmitters that have been attached into every vehicle. Data such as speed, the amount of fuel consumed, the state of the engine, information about the routes, engine idling and much more are converted into a report. This data is then passed on via satellite to the authorized individuals, putting it on display on their screens.
Unitracker Live GPS tracking is a solution that keeps you updated on the current and precise geolocation and the state of your vehicle via sensors at all times. With this software, your vehicle’s safety is guaranteed regardless of how far you are from it. It also has the spectacular feature of accessibility from any electronic device, whether that is from your computer, phone or tablet. It is also compatible for any type of vehicle.

Regarding the question of whether you can use the Unitracker Vehicle Solutions devices abroad, the answer is an absolute yes! Unitracker Live’s vehicle tracking services is available in all countries worldwide with the exact same quality of technology that is supplied to our customers here in the United Kingdom.
The answer is yes! No longer do we need papers and spreadsheet software that needed to be filled in by hand. Now with the advancement of technology provided by the Unitracker Vehicle Solutions, it is much easier and simpler to schedule maintenance policies for your assets and vehicles and to keep track of time, location and usage of assets.
Cost FAQs
To understand the cost of the system, we must first consider the number of fleet vehicles and assets that need to be tracked. The more the number of the vehicles, the greater the cost. The second factor to consider is the level of functionality and software required.

You can lease the Unitracker Vehicle tracking system from as little as £8.99 a month or, purchase options are available. In simple terms, the price varies depending on the size and requirement of your business. Contact the team to discuss your needs.
We are partnering with Thatcham to acquire the security certification that is necessary in order to become approved for insurance, but as of yet, Unitracker Vehicle solutions is not insurance approved.
You can lease the Unitracker Vehicle tracking system from as little as £8.99 a month or, purchase options are available. In simple terms, the price varies depending on the size and requirement of your business. Contact the team to discuss your needs.
We accept payment through the following:

  • Online credit/debit card payment
  • Direct Debit
  • BACS
  • Paypal
The Unitracker Vehicle Solution is a worthwhile investment that will expand your business and advance it forward. Bringing together dynamic modules, all important information about your fleet is made within your reach regardless of where, when and what device. By the use of sensors and software elements, the solution improves decision-making, productivity, decreases unneeded downtime from wasting precious minutes and the operational costs that make you lose money and boosts the safety and security of employees,. Businesses can steer clear of fraudulent insurance claims by the monitoring and management of drivers with the help of Unitracker and elevate efficiency.
For more benefits, see the benefits in 13.
These benefits are the most important to any business with a fleet:

  • Save on fuel costs
  • Unitracker Vehicle Solutions device can help get rid of fuel waste by eliminating wasteful fuel activities quickly by reducing idling times, minimising mileage by dispatching the closest vehicle, improving route efficiency and reducing unsafe or ‘heavy-handed’ driving methods and eliminating fuel theft.
  • No more logbooks
  • Unitracker eliminates the necessity for logbooks and time-consuming FBT reporting. A real-time, web-based Unitracker Live GPS vehicle tracker will keep accurate records of the time spent on the road, locations visited, break times and distances travelled, removing the need for paper logs, filling which is a tedious task administrative task.
  • Decrease fleet management costs
  • Keep your fleet on the road and spend less money on unforeseen repairs with preventative maintenance scheduling. With an accurate record of miles/kilometres driven in your fleet cars, the Unitracker Vehicle Solutions GPS vehicle tracking system will show you when the fleet vehicle is due for maintenance.
  • Faster dispatch to jobs
  • With a Unitracker Vehicle Solutions GPS vehicle tracking system installed, you will be able to see where your fleet vehicle is exactly located, which allows the fleet management team to simply and efficiently dispatch the closest vehicle to the subsequent job, saving precious time and increasing profitability.
  • Remove employee fraud
  • A Unitracker Vehicle Solution GPS vehicle tracker will ensure that you can view the exact location of your employees, which can ensure that the employees are not using the fleet vehicle for unauthorised purposes. The fleet management team shall also be able to check if an employee is using a fleet vehicle outside standard working hours, to complete side jobs or the other suspicious activity.
  • Increase route efficiency
  • You can save money on fuel by checking what route your employees use to get to every job.
  • Increase invoicing and timesheet accuracy
  • Unitracker Vehicle Solutions software applications allow the fleet management team to come up with accurate employee records and customer invoices which reduces timesheet fraud and customer complaints. If excessive time is being taken at a delegated stop, you’ll be able to be alerted to the current situation to enhance efficiency and reduce cost overruns.
We have in store numerous packages that differ in features, functionality and complexity. All our packages are tailored to the needs of particular businesses that need to manage their fleet. In order to have the best package that befits your business’ needs, you must communicate thoroughly your needs and what you wish to acquire from our company’s services. In searching for the perfect match for your business that fits your criteria and maximizes your profit, you can seek assistance from our sales team. When this phase is completed in which all your business requirements are confirmed, we can provide packages that might fulfill your order.

If you want to learn more about the Unitracker Vehicle Solution packages we have to offer, contact us at or call on 01274 214 834 and speak to our expert sales team for your free, no-obligation product demonstration and quote.
Yes, we do charge a viable fee for removing a vehicle tracker. To do so, you may request a quote.
Training & After-Sales Support FAQs
Yes, full training will be provided to any of the Unitracker Vehicle Solutions products purchased directly. Moreover, onsite training will be available to larger fleet users, with ongoing support.

We absolutely do provide full, onsite training to any of the users that buy Unitracker Vehicle Solution products directly, including providing continuous support to larger fleet users. Our methods are practical and hands on to ensure fleet managers make the best of our products based on their trades and that they know everything they need. Our Unitracker Vehicle systems are simply to utilise, but many of our users still benefit greatly from the provision of our training.
We are fully committed to supporting our customers at every stage, from the installation of our tracking devices to every renewal.

If you have any questions or issues, we provide after-sales support via all devices such as phone, WhatsApp, email, text, online chat, etc.
Warranty & Repairs FAQs
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions ensures all our products are rid of any manufacturing shortcomings for a period of 24 x months, excluding batteries that have a lowered 6 x months warranty period. Nonetheless, with some discussion, you may request for an extension of warranty periods. If you have questions or require further details, please contact our sales manager.

In the unlikely event that a product should fail within this specific warranty time, the product can be fixed or replaced with a new product. You may also be provided with an equivalent repaired product fulfilling the same functionality or the failed product can be mended at an agreed cost if out of warranty.

Warranty Disclaimer
Unitracker Vehicle Solution’s products are meant to be handled by persons that possess training and experience. Any other use renders the limited warranties expressed herein and all implied warranties null and void and the same are hereby excluded. Also, excluded from this limited warranty are all incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to:
● Loss of time, inconvenience or any other economic loss
● Loss of use
● Loss of revenue
Installation FAQ’s
Either you can personally install the tracker or you can utilise the aid of our experts to professionally install the tracker. If you choose the latter, you may be sent the package directly or our professionals will schedule a meeting with you whenever it is most convenient for you. The usual amount of time it takes for the installation of a Unitracker Vehicles Solution tracker is an hour for each fleet vehicle.
To best heighten the level of discretion, our professionals install the vehicle trackers at a designated location on the vehicle. Attaching it in such a hidden place will be particularly helpful in case of a theft.
The vehicle tracking solutions are customised. Therefore, the cost of the installment and setup is also individualised. Based on your requirements, you may request a quote.
If you are going to sell your vehicle, we can easily remove the tracker and place it on another vehicle that you own. Contact us directly to get ideal solutions in this case.

In case you have decided to sell your vehicle, we can simply relocate the tracker to any other vehicle that is in your ownership. To discuss solutions, contact us directly.
It is necessary for the Unitracker Live mobile application to be installed on your phone. Other than that, it is a cloud-based platform that offers high security and accessibility for our users, allowing you access through any browser and internet connection.
There is no default or a single size for our trackers since the vehicle tracking solutions are tailored to every individual. We do supply our users with portable trackers alongside additional batteries and a case that is attachable to vehicles.
Yes, Unitracker provides backup batteries for portable vehicle trackers. Some models are issued with an internal battery that works separately from the main power source. In case it is disconnected from the main power, it sends out an alert.
It is possible to have multiple logins since we offer a tailored solution for vehicle tracking. If there are multiple users, you also have the option to restrict some sections of the dashboard if you wish.