When you are running a car rental service, the vehicles that you offer are in the spotlight and your greatest business assets. Therefore, Unitracker has come up with the ideal GPS tracking platform to secure your assets while they are in the care of your valued clients. Car rentals are considered reliable if they build a strong bond of trust with their customers. That is why Unitracker Live provides special vehicle tracking functions to improve your reputation as the premium car rental service in your area. 

GPS Tracking with Mileage Monitoring 

Knock out the competition by ensuring a high level of security for your clients and lower insurance costs as well. Having a state of the art vehicle tracker installed in your cars is the best way to boost your security system and impress your clients with your efficiency. Thanks to the virtual mapping feature, you will be able to share the exact timings of departure and arrival for a specific car rental. You may draw up the entire route history of a certain vehicle even when it is not in your premises. Additionally, you may assist your clients with route planning and help reduce fuel usage this way. Most importantly, the full information of mileage will be available to you for each vehicle tracker.

Advantages of Vehicle Tracking for Car Rentals 

  • Ensure the safety of your clients on a journey in case of emergencies 
  • Access all the information of a vehicle while it has been rented out 
  • Draw Geo-fencing zones for precise arrival and departure times 
  • Retrieve trip logs for updating your car rental records  
  • Pay lower insurance rates owing to GPS tracking features 
  • Note all the mileage data for determining payment details