Collect Work Evidence with Vehicle Tracking 

There are a number of unexpected situations that a fleet manager may have to deal with during their routine tasks. Vehicle tracking is an excellent method to stay prepared for them and remain in control if an issue arises. Since the client comes first you may have to offer assurance or even proof to avoid blame when the responsibility does lie with your company. The GPS trackers installed in your fleet enable the collection of data related to performance and location that come in handy for such cases.

Delivery assurance 

The factor of time is always important for clients and they tend to complain frequently at the slightest delays. You don’t want tardiness to become an excuse for them to take their business to another transport company. Through GPS tracking you can tell exactly when the vehicle reached the delivery point. Moreover, you can accurately estimate the time of delivery before departure and while the vehicle is on the road. Providing this extra perk boosts your customer service up a level.  

Driving standards 

In the absence of vehicle tracking software it is not possible to learn about driving habits unless a witness makes a report. Fleet managers keep a close watch on the consumption of fuel, sharpness of turns, speed limits and more using sensors. Real-time data from these sensors reaches the dashboard accessible to the fleet manager who can also tell if a driver has a tendency to take longer or shorter routes. Ensuring good driver discipline promotes safety and compliance with traffic regulations.  

Real-time location 

Business owners invest considerable money into establishing and maintaining fleets. It is advisable to install a GPS tracking system to stay in touch with drivers on the road and remain aware of their precise locations at all times. Geo-fencing features may be included to record exactly when your vehicle arrives at or leaves your parking spaces. If a driver goes off route for some reason the fleet manager is instantly alerted. This helps cut down operational costs especially fuel usage. 

Driver management 

The larger the size of your fleet the harder it is to organize everything particularly with regards to employees. Vehicle tracking systems have a central dashboard that receives all the incoming data from the GPS trackers in your fleet. The details about the trips and performance are stored on the servers to be accessed anytime. Fleet managers can see active and inactive drivers making assignment easy. Driver profiles may be drawn up to assess performance and pinpoint those who require disciplinary action.

Vehicle condition 

Large vehicles are costly to purchase and maintain but having vehicle tracking makes things simple for fleet managers. A poorly driven vehicle is more likely to develop technical faults. The sensors inside vehicle trackers reveal unsatisfactory driving habits and possible flaws in the vehicle. This means that driver discipline is efficiently controlled and vehicles are repaired on time. Thanks to GPS tracking software you can reduce fuel costs that increase due to engine failures and bad driving.