When you are running a transport business, the security of your vehicles and the safety of your drivers are of the utmost importance. Thanks to advancements in technology you now have access to effective car tracking solutions that keep you at ease while your drivers are out on their routes. Since criminal activities cannot be contained by the average business owner, you must do everything in your power to take strong precautions.

Real-time HGV tracking has emerged as a powerful tool against vehicle theft in modern times with an impressive success rate, reasonable cost, high availability and convenience of use. You must be aware of what you stand to lose by exposing your vehicles to theft and your divers to possible injury at the hands of criminals. In addition to dealing with mental stress and medical bills, you may also lose your insurance excess and no-claim bonus. You might face delays in registering your license plate again and experience uplift in your insurance premium. Van tracking, on the other hand, leads to overall lower insurance cost 

There are a number of excellent car security systems that you may turn towards for the fulfillment of the requirements of your fleet. Purchasing hardware and software for a fleet is a considerable investment that needs careful thinking. Vehicle camera solutions are highly sought after and they are frequently used in police investigations for the identification of the culprits in a criminal case. There are several types of cameras that you may wish to check for this purpose with a variety of features. However, the benefit of lorry tracking with a wider application is that it enables you to monitor your vehicle even when it is out of view. Such software is programmed to send alerts to the fleet manager in case the vehicle detects activity in the absence of the driver. It allows complete knowledge of the vehicle’s location, movements and condition. This is a great advantage of car tracking solutions as it extends power to the central command center.  

Before you short list any car security system, make sure that you are aware of the loopholes that permit car thieves to remain undetected and carry out successful auto theft. Conventional tracking devices often depend on GSM to monitor the location of the vehicle. Thieves may put a portable signal jammer inside the vehicle that prevents the transmission of cellular network signals. Another common reason for the failure of van tracking is that a radio frequency detector is carried by thieves to find the exact spot that the tracking device has been placed. Then they can easily put it out of action and escape with the vehicle. Even the simplest of criminals may rely on tricks to prevent tracking. Placing the vehicle in a shipping container made of steel or taking it to an underground parking space renders the car tracker ineffective.

Therefore, it is imperative that you always depend on lorry tracking solutions that operate despite these loopholes that criminals often utilize.