Why you need a Fleet Manager for your Business 

While vehicle tracking promises countless benefits for your business you require someone to operate the software and wisely use the data retrieved from sensors in the GPS trackers of your fleet. There are a number of duties delegated to a fleet manager that can be made more efficient and convenient with reliable vehicle tracking software. They are responsible for planning routes for clients, managing the drivers, ensuring minimum fuel consumption, maintaining vehicles in your fleet and handling unexpected situations on the road. Moreover, fleet managers take care of relevant paperwork and make sure that your operations are in compliance with government regulations.

Planning routes 

Route plans are important in preventing delays, excess fuel consumption and accidents due to poor roads or bad weather. Therefore, your fleet manager carefully collects data about the weather forecast, road construction, blocked paths, road conditions and traffic jams. They narrow down options to choose the most efficient, secure and suitable route for a trip. This saves time and fuel while keeping the safety of the driver and vehicle in mind.   

Driver management 

Fleet managers organize the data related to your drivers and assign trips to them based on competency. For instance, a driver who is familiar with a certain route may be the best choice for that particular trip. While the driver is on the road, the fleet manager stays in touch with them through vehicle tracking mobile applications. The fleet manager observes real-time data from sensors related to speed, ignition, location, etc. They rectify driving errors and create performance reports for each driver.  

Vehicle maintenance 

Considerable investment goes into the purchase and maintenance of the vehicles in your fleet. Fleet managers constantly gather and organize data while they are on the road to get a clearer picture about their usage. The sensors installed in GPS tracker relay real-time information to the fleet manager. Whenever there is a technical issue they take note and schedule a trip to the workshop. Regular maintenance is also scheduled to ensure that unexpected problems do not arise on the road.   

Fuel consumption 

GPS tracking is one of the best methods to reduce fuel costs for your fleet and fleet managers rely on vehicle tracking software to keep it at a minimum. If a driver has poor habits such as taking longer routes or leaving the engine idle fleet managers carry out disciplinary action to make sure that it does not happen again. They plan efficient routes that don’t have blockades, traffic or bumpy roads to avoid wastage of fuel.

Safety standards 

The fleet manager you hire must have updated knowledge of government regulations that must be carefully followed for your fleet. Whether you transport passengers or goods, security is essential and GPS tracking can help in this regard. Fleet managers monitor your active vehicles and drivers remotely through vehicle tracking software. The risky behaviour of drivers is also kept in check by your fleet manager. They keep your fleet in perfect condition to prevent accidents from happening on the road.