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Unitracker is a UK-based trusted provider of modern and reliable tracking solutions, designed to improve business productivity. We have decades worth of expertise under our belt which we utilize to unify traditional businesses with advanced tech including but not limited to IoT, cloud computing and GPS…

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As suppliers of a high-quality tracking solution, we intend to address the challenges encountered by businesses of all sectors. Our tracking solutions comprise several modules that equip businesses with the tools to make smarter decisions more quickly and with more certainty.

Main tracker features

The power to monitor vehicle and driver behavior allows users to go beyond location tracking and have the ability to offer measurable data that provides a snapshot of daily vehicle and driver activity. Having access to accurate behavioural data— such as fuel use, harsh braking, idle time and speeding just to name a few.

  • Lets you see where your vehicle is, with pin point accuracy to the second allowing a seamless live view of your vehicle no matter where it is. 
  • Can track from any country.
  • Automatic notification alerts if your vehicle or asset has been moved.
  • This automatic notification will occur if your vehicle is being started, driven ,towed or attempt of theft the notifications are a quick way of having a reminder that your vehicle is safe and secure furthermore it will aid the recovery process should your pride and joy is stolen
  • Notifications can be tailored to customer preference etc driver behaviour, harsh braking, idling, and geofencing.

Immobilisation is a feature that safely and remotely immobilise / shutdown your vehicle, helping with recovery and reducing instances of unauthorized use. It can also ensure driver safety by immobilising the vehicle only after it’s parked.

Geofencing is a way to define a geographical zone to track if your vehicles are leaving or entering that zone. With geofencing the system uses the GPS signals from the tracking device to pinpoint location and marks the limits of an area. This ‘area’ is the geo-fence.

Remove the admin and heaps of paperwork from vehicle tracking with our easy to read reports that can be customized with a Wide selection of user friendly reports such as total mileage traveled, maximum speed, average speed, hours of operation, idling duration and many more reports that can be tailored whether your tracking your own personal vehicle or a fleet of them. 

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Explore Unitracker Applications

Hecterra: a solution for agriculture GPS tracking

This is a simple yet effective application for the agro-industry, which allows controlling field works based on telematics data. The agriculture gps system delivers transparent data about fields, crops rotation, and field operations to the employees and managers of agricultural enterprises. Having the exact information about who, when, and how was сultivating the crops, the clients can effectively plan and improve the agribusiness processes.

Fleetrun: a solution for fleet maintenance management

Web-application for fleet maintenance tracking: plan, control, and expenditure recording. We developed Fleetrun for those who want to reduce operation costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and reduce the time spent at the service station. With this application, you can control all kinds of services and expenditures for individual spare parts, vehicles, and even kilometer performance. Fleetrun will show the services that the fleet needs, their intervals and cost.

NimBus: a new solution for public transport management

NimBus is a public transport management system that comprises the core functionality of satellite tracking software and specialized tools designed for route management. Use the service to create stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles across routes, manage schedules, and track route performance in real time. NimBus features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, handy timeline and event-based notifications for online tracking, special ACL system and the proprietary API for third-party software integration and custom developments.

Logistics: delivery management software

The service allows to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, delivery route planning and cost saving. Logistics comprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers. Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management: order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination. Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile employees.

Eco Driving: a solution for driving behavior monitoring

Eco Driving is a Wialon-based app that helps assess a driver’s performance. The solution evaluates driving skills based on penalty points for such violations as speeding, unnecessary acceleration, heavy braking, acceleration while cornering, etc.
Sensors installed in a vehicle detect violations. Driving behavior analysis helps discipline and educate drivers. Professional and careful driving, in turn, contributes to reducing fuel costs, extends the vehicle service life, and improves fleet safety for passengers and cargos.

LeaseControl: GPS tracking solution for vehicle leasing and auto financing companies

A reliable vehicle leasing software for location tracking and recovery

Car financing, auto loans, and vehicle leasing is an attractive, yet highly risky market. Auto thefts, late payments, defaults, and expensive recovery procedures deter auto dealers and finance companies from growing or maintaining the status quo. So do the unreliable GPS tracking tools that just won’t help.

Here’s where you change the landscape with LeaseControl, an auto leasing software. Introduce its telematics and IoT features to safeguard financed vehicles, protect the dealers’ profits, and provide real business value for them.


Driving Behaviour Report

Driver behavior is primitive for the driver and cargo protection, which is enforced through monitoring of patterns and habits observed during the driver’s working hours when en route.

Motion Sensing

Follow your vehicle wherever it goes and keep a close eye’s watch on its movements with sophisticated motion sensors.

Speed by Road Type

Overspeeding is a hazard, especially on a rough and unruly road. The Unitracker system detects the road texture and defines appropriate speed limits to reduce accident risks and protect the bystanders as well as the driver.

Remote Immobilisation

With this feature, you can protect your assets or vehicles from getting compromised by remotely rendering your vehicle immobile so it is unable to be used by unauthorized persons.

Real-Time Location

GPS-embedded Unitracker transmits real-time location to the system to the accuracy of up to a minute.


Use the geofencing system in Unitracker to set up virtual zones that restricts the fleet vehicles to certain areas. Fleet managers are notified if the defined zones are breached or if a vehicle enters it. This is effective in route management, theft risk minimization and unauthorized usage prevention.

App Special Features

This Cloud-based platform has been designed to maximize your vehicle’s safety no matter the distance between you and your car. Owing to its superior development, you may access your account from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. Enjoy the seamless performance of the Unitracker Live mobile application that is available for Android and iOS smartphones around the world.

You can access the system from anywhere.
The operating system does not matter, whether you use MacOS, Linux or Windows, launch a browser to start tracking.
Use your smart devices: We offer a native mobile app to start tracking on a smartphone or tablet.
You will be able to check the status of your vehicle through sensors and pinpoint its precise location.
Track events by SMS and email:

Notification describes in detail what is happening with your assets.

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With Unitracker, you can have an entire host of tools that will help you manage your fleet and business assets, provide safety and security to your drivers, spare your costs and enhance your efficiency in managing businesses with the use of advanced and sophisticated tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs section, where we address common questions about our services.

Unitracker Vehicle Solutions fleet tracker is a software that helps you manage your fleet. In this system, a tracking device is attached to a fleet to track its current geolocation. All the while, the system records the information of various aspects ranging from speed to fuel consumption in live-time and supplies an extensive report. With such an analysis in hand, fleet managers can make well-informed decisions for their business that enhances their growth and protects their assets. By using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), the software can pinpoint the exact location of the fleet via transmission of electronic signals to satellites, which then imparts the information back to a particular electronic device and can be seen on digital maps.
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions spares your wallet and speeds up your business. It also allows you to manage your fleet with far more ease, security and accuracy. All the important data about your fleet is gathered and supplied to you in the form of a comprehensive report including costs and business position, facilitating you to make sharper and better decisions. Furthermore, having such extensive and accurate information on delivery times, pickups and routing systems saves you from traffic and aids you in finding the best and quickest routes.
Unitracker Vehicle Solutions benefit a wide range of industries with our fleet management tracking services. These sectors include construction, corporate and government, courier and delivery, emergency services, healthcare services, local authority, mining, passenger transport, refrigerated transport, rental, transport and logistics and utilities. Our solutions are tailored to every business sector.

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Controlling the route the driver is following and monitoring speed at various times is essential to lowering fuel expenditure. The fleet manager may oversee these things using HGV tracking systems. Leaving engines idle while taking a nap or grabbing something from the store is also common which elevates overall fuel usage. These factors adversely affect driver productivity through unnecessary fuel consumption.

Among the principal concerns of fleet management is guaranteeing higher driver productivity. Experts recommend installing vehicle tracking software for this purpose which has a central command unit maintaining a clear hierarchy. There are several benefits that contribute towards greater driver productivity thanks to advanced car tracking solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Tracking The green revolution has been growing globally at an impressive rate. This is bracing considering the amount of damage that has been done to the environment in the name of human progress.

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