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Transport & Logistics 

Unitracker has the answer to all your problems related to GPS tracking the transport and logistics sector. Our experts have developed the Unitracker Live platform that guarantees reliability and efficiency. You will notice a fast rise in the overall productivity of your company, especially your staff. Unitracker Live offers several features that allow fleet managers to gain greater control of driver behaviour on the route. This improves drivers’ discipline and decreases any financial losses related to unprofessionalism on their part.  

Centralised Vehicle Tracking System 

Since the transport and logistics sector demands to monitor of hundreds of vehicles at the same time, Unitracker has come up with a centralised control system via an advanced dashboard. The vehicle trackers installed in your fleet send data to the Unitracker Live platform and Unitracker Live mobile application that is based on Cloud technology. You may download this application to your Apple or Android smartphone. The user experience across all devices, including PCs and tablets, ensures that all the GPS tracking features are available. 

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Transport & Logistics 

  • Maintain your vehicles by scheduled workshop trips 
  • Detect issues in your vehicles via 24/7 monitoring 
  • Gather real-time data about your vehicle from sensors 
  • Quickly find any vehicle in your fleet if it is lost or stolen  
  • Reduce the use of fuel by better planning of routes 
  • Send help to your driver instantly in case of emergency 
  • Lower insurance costs thanks to higher security measures