Refrigerated Transport 

The primary concern in the refrigerated transport sector is temperature. Therefore, Unitracker Live has developed the ideal GPS tracking solution that incorporates the factor of temperature. Every vehicle tracker has a temperature sensor that directly feeds data to the Unitracker Live platform in real-time. You may sign in to your account on our website to access the dashboard or install the Unitracker Live mobile application for iOS and Android. This permits you to know the precise location and temperature of a vehicle at any given time during transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo.

Accurate Trip Data for Refrigerated Transport 

Not only do our GPS trackers enable your managers to check the temperature of your cargo at any point in time during a journey, but you may also view the entire trip information at a later time. Whenever you wish to compile temperature data for your clients or your company’s records in case of a claim simply retrieve it using the dashboard. In addition, virtual mapping of safe zones is a great feature for the refrigerated transport sector because it allows you to know the exact time of arrival and departure from a designated area.  

Perks of GPS Tracking for Refrigerated Transport 

  • Locate your vehicle instantly at any given point in time on route 
  • Improve driver discipline by keeping a close watch on their behaviour 
  • Maintain a satisfactory level of security through 24/7 vehicle tracking 
  • Find your location if it has been stolen or reported to be lost 
  • Save on fuel costs and insurance payments for your company 
  • Keep precise records on the temperature of your cargo on route 
  • Try Geo-fencing to check arrival and departure times of vehicles 
  • Set up alerts to get informed when a certain event takes place