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Unitracker Vehicle Solutions applications supports specific hardware for vehicles, machinery, stationary assets, people so that you could find a proper device for any project. While additional equipment reads temperature, weight, angle, dozens of other monitoring parameters for multi-faceted analytics.

Offering a software platform for GPS monitoring and internet of things which tracks mobile and stationary units across the world. With our system, you can deliver any monitoring project, be it about transport (surface, maritime, river, etc.), buildings, people, and not just that.

Using the advanced technology features our software applications we are able to satisfies customer needs by 100%. Reason behind we have created 14 business-specific apps to Unitracker Vehicle Solutions product line to make the complete solution truly universal.


This application is ideal for people who do field work on agricultural enterprises. Hecterra detects field cultivations, it calculates your fuel consumption, and plenty of other parameters.The user can create fields, fill within the crops, edit and accept cultivations before adding them to the registrar. Geofences may additionally be imported from other sources. Trailers, drivers, units, and their settings cam be created and configured for further usage in Hecterra. Detailed reports by field, unit, operation, trailer, or driver are available, further as CSV import of any report. API integration may also be provided.
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The web app can be used to plan, control, and manage costs for maintenance for the individual or business. Fleetrun was developed to chop operating costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and minimize time spent at service stations.The app is meant to manage every type of works, services, and expenditures. Vehicles, and even miles driven. Fleetrun informs you on the kinds of services performed for your fleet, the intervals, and therefore the costs.
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Nimbus is right for fleet managers and is meant to manage and control movements of your fleet on route within the area of passenger transportation. The service enables you to plan routes and control performance. NimBus also ensures efficient real-time monitoring and detailed reports on fleet activity.
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All over the planet businesses strive for process automation. There are two separate applications one for drivers and one for dispatchers that enables you to take care of and control of the full order management process, this includes order placement, planning, distribution, route optimization and coordination. Always keep your route at hand, use GIS data from Google Maps for more precise address information and routing, make use of reports for efficient analytics, and communicate with clients by e-mail notifications with built-in HTML editor.
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Track Player is intended to visualize the movements of 1 or several vehicles of your fleet. The app allows you to follow units on the map online or switch to vehicle track analysis, you’ll view the events on the timeline and on the map and think about pictures from tracking devices to urge a comprehensive picture of unit movements.Enjoy simple timeline navigation, play several tracks without delay and adjust playback speed whenever you would like it with Track Player application.
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Eco Driving module is meant to enhance fleet safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety. Flexible configuration of Eco Driving module allows to make a comprehensive and versatile driving quality assessment model and leverage data from hardware accelerometers.The assessment model is predicated on six violation criteria, including abrupt acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, speeding, reckless driving or custom violation.
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Some say that the engine may be a heart of a vehicle, while the driving force keeps the guts beating. Driving style is what mostly impacts safety and desires to be strictly controlled. a strong analytics offered by iDriveSafe allows for driver behavior assessment supported three main recorded parameters: harsh braking, hard acceleration and sharp turn.The app leaves a margin for the manager putting in place assessment strictness and creating assessment model supported vehicle type.
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Dashboard is intended to assist you visualize the key performance indicators and customize them within the most effective way. you’ll Monitor average and maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours and time in trips, enjoy handy data visualization and customizable charts and make use of comparative analysis of any chosen parameters.With Dashboard you see the entire picture of fleet performance within a customizable work area.
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We expect users to feel comfortable logging into the system. What we provide is customizable interface, reports, notifications and… icons. The Icon Library application allows top accounts to upload custom icons for units, unit groups and geofences.That way you get access to new icons from the system or right from the app with one click.
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This app allows you to feature any number of sensors to trace various aspects of unit activity. Whenever the quantity of sensors amount to a dozen, data visualization really matters. Sensolator provides for handy monitoring of counter and sensor values from both stationary and moving units.Enjoy fully customizable interface with real-time asset management and making all the values clearly visible. Be the primary to understand about equipment failures, present information as charts, make use of report system and control units by sending commands – try it and verify that Sensolator is sensible.
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With Actualizer When a tool fails to send the info appropriately this might signify issues pending your attention. The app is intended to detect inactive vehicles – those not sending data for an extended period of your time.What you get with Actualizer is prompt reaction to the loss of auto activity, active units automatically selected for reports and yet one more tool for simpler fleet management.
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Tacho Manager has been designed and developed for manual or automatic (command-triggered) DDD-files uploading to the server and the long-time storage with the choice for quick downloading files right from the app.Handy data visualization allows for easy monitoring of driver activity thanks to availability of precise driver information. you’ll be able to also use activity chart to induce a fast view on driver activity intervals distinguished by perceptible colour marking.
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Tachograph files handling is what draws attention of the GPS tracking market. DDD-files handling is performed by use of Tacho View application. This application grants one access to examine driver activity visualization based on so-called “timeline”. Tacho View exhibits driving, work, rest and availability time intervals with fast and easy access to a specified day from a calendar.“Driver activity”, “Activity chart” and “Infringements” reports are accessible depending on preferred data display and informational content required.Get the insight into driver performance with Tacho View.
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Having created a proprietary GIS service and offering high-quality address database we were aimed at more accessible search of route points and further route building. This way we incorporated the functions into Gurtam Maps application.The app allows you to search waypoints by name and coordinates, navigate a fully-featured map, view addresses and coordinates at double-clicking on the map and save route information in KML format.Get more from the cartographic service with Gurtam Maps application.
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