The new solution for public transportation tracking


NimBus comprises the core functionality of satellite tracking system and specialised tools designed for passenger transportation management.

Use the service to create stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles across routes, manage schedules, and track route performance in real time.

NimBus features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, handy timeline and event-based notifications for online tracking, special ACL system and the proprietary API for third-party software integration and custom developments.

How it works

  1. Add or import stops
  2. Create routes, add schedules, and bind units
  3. Plan future rides
  4. Track unit movements in real time
  5. Generate detailed reports

Scope of application

NimBus helps to manage the fleet of vehicles following predefined routes:


Create route points or import them from third-party systems


Create chains of stops, add schedules, and assign units


Automatically create rides based on schedules and operation patterns of active routes


Control ride performance in real time, monitor delays, hurries, and route deviations


Get access to rides history, estimate their quality in terms of units and routes

NimBus user profile

  • Dispatcher

Controls rides online and promptly reacts to emergency situations

  • Fleet manager

Reduces mileage, downtime, fuel costs, and eliminates unauthorized rides

  • Fleet owner

Makes decisions based on objective data in reports

How NimBus changes businesses?

  • Keeps you informed

Notifications tell about the ride progress and attract the dispatcher’s attention to emergency situations

  • Becomes the development platform

Open API helps to create unique solutions in the passenger transportation sphere

  • Keeps passengers informed

“Locator” tool shares the location and movements of transport with passengers

  • Saves the history

Information on the rides to be used in reports is available for 100 days

Why use NimBus?

  • Free Wialon-based solution
  • User-friendly interface Flexible configuration and ACL system
  • Analytics and statistics on ride performance
  • API for development and third-party system integrations
  • Multiple languages support


  • Stops

Create and import stops distinguished by a vehicle type; make use of quick search and detailed description.

  • Routes

Generate routes with precise schedules, individual operating patterns and bound units.

  • Rides

Plan rides based on active routes with schedules and operating patterns.

  • Online tracking

Employ handy timeline, quick notifications, and multiple mapping options to control late/early arrivals and deviations from routes.NimBus, the new solution for public transportation trackingPlease note NimBus webinar are available.NimBus basicsTopics discussed:adding stops

  • creating routes
  • list of rides
  • online monitoring
  • different report types
  • operation pattern
  • administration and activation

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